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Applied Orthopedic Design, Inc. is currently working with one of the leading physicians in the United States to offer an innovative solution to total knee arthroplasty. We currently have clinical sites located in California. If you would like to learn more or are interested in participating in one of our clinical studies, please contact us.

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AOD has developed specialized instruments and integrated delivery systems for joint replacement procedures that promote orthopedic operations to be conducted in an outpatient setting.

AOD orthopedic instruments and implants are designed by surgeons to guarantee patients a streamline process that yields consistent results, shorter recovery time, and higher mobility. Unlike conventional methods where the procedure is determined by the implants themselves, AOD has approached the procedure from the surgeon’s perspective, and have created intuitive instruments and steps that eliminate surgeon error from complications that arise in the procedure.

The AOD system incorporates innovative design with surgeon to surgeon guidance and collaboration in order to produce the highest outcome for patients.

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