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Mission Statment

Applied Orthopedic Design (AOD) is a progressive and innovative medical device development company located on the Central Coast of California. Headed by Thomas D. Ferro, M.D., FAAOS. Applied Orthopedic Design works to develop surgeon/practitioner driven orthopedic instruments and implants in the continental US and abroad.

AOD’s mission is to always have the surgeon in mind first; assisting to develop, utilize, and manage their ideas to create the most intuitive instruments that guarantee consistent improved patient outcome.

Here at AOD we are driven by innovation and fueled by our passion to do the best work we can do using the latest in engineering and prototyping technology. We take an idea that may seem impossible and work to bring that idea into fruition.

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Fast Recovery

At AOD we keep the patient in mind when we design innovative replacements and tools.

Consistent Patient Results

We test and test again to make sure we get everything perfect. Consistency is the key to our success.

Rapid Prototyping

We use the latest in prototyping technology including solidworks CAD technology and 3D printing.

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